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What is Yoga ?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Yoga means to " Yoke" or to "Unite",

and discipline aims to bring the Mind and Body into sync with one another.

This Is accomplished through 3 Main components:




~Yoga is more than just another form of fitness, it is also a mental and spiritual practice. When we are performing Yoga we are aiming to calm our Mental Fluctuations. Our minds have a tendency to think in the past and in the future; so while our bodies are in the present moment, we have to practice these techniques so we can become more fully Present on a daily basis experiencing mindfulness

💫Mommy & Me Yoga is a great way for parents to connect and build bonds in a Mindfulness environment.

💫The benefits of Mindfulness are:

•Reduce feelings of stress & anxiety

•Increase feelings of Calm & Relaxation

•Aid Chronic Pain Relief

•Improve self-confidence & Self Esteem

•Increase Energy Levels & sense of Well-being

•Builds Compassion for Self, others & Our Planet!

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